Staying Safe this Spring

A lot of things have changed in everybody's life in that past 2 weeks. MBC hope everyone out there is staying home and safe, and we would like to let everyone know that MBC is still very dedicated with our projects and we stand by the same quality that we always give to our clients.


Last Month Recap

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all face-to-face activity here at Miami has been suspended for the rest of this semester. As we all are settling into our homes for a while, we are still committed in delivering a valuable experience to our members and our clients. We wish everyone the best and encourage you to seek the positive things that have come about during such a difficult time.


Member Highlights

MBC member Madelyn Harvey participated in Miami University's annual Social Innovation Weekend where contestants had less than 40 hours to create a business that made a positive social impact. Harvey's team, Press: Juice the Good Stuff, created a business that tackled food insecurity and food waste where imperfect or "ugly" fruits and vegetables were turned into artisanal juice that is sold in a buy-one-give-one model that donates the juice to local food banks and employs people with low-income backgrounds. Press took First Place and has the opportunity to pitch their company to investors and accelerators in the Greater Cincinnati area! We wish them the best of luck pitching that amazing idea!

It was thrilling to experience building and validating a business in such a compressed time frame and I look forward to future challenges and opportunities where I can develop my entrepreneurial skillset.


Our members have always been working hard, but now that everything has changed due to the quarantine orders, it is hard to settle into our new lifestyles. Ben Boczulak, MBC's newest addition this spring, would like to share how he was able to make the most out of it:

We’re all beginning to settle into a new way of life, working from home and adjusting to social distancing guidelines. I’ve tried to make the most out of this change and mitigate cabin fever by going on more hikes. It’s been pleasant to experience the nice weather and take a step away from the computer screen and all the emails, while still practicing safe distancing on the trails (staying 6ft apart from other hikers and washing hands!). Of course, my camera is always along for the ready to capture the interesting and unexpected.


Upcoming Birthdays

April 9th - Collin Lewis

April 17th - Mitch Dietz


Meet the Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer - Teddy Caulton

Chief Technology Officer - Darek Davis

Chief Financial Officer - Trey Varinsky

Chief Operations Officer - Ryan Burghart

VP of Marketing and Recruitment - Hoa Doan, Landon Woodard

VP of Communications and Culture - Laura De Oliviera

VP of Professional Development - Manny Adams

Interested in working with MBC or want to learn more about our services? Email with any questions!

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