Settling into September

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

September's newsletter may roll in a little later than usual but now more than ever, we have many new changes that are happening in MBC.


Last Month Recap

Another recruiting season at MBC! COVID means we have to navigate ourselves entirely virtually, and with new challenges comes new opportunities. Finding new consultants and clients for this semester took a different turn compared to the past, but we have been so fortunate to have such an amazing class and new projects to get started.

Clients' needs have shifted and expanded due to the pandemic but MBC is taking this opportunity to diverge into new ventures. We are always committed to delivering quality work to our clients and we are so thrilled to start new projects and help navigate them through these challenges. Now that classes are starting to roll into in-person mode next week, we hope to see everyone staying safe, healthy, and excited for the transition. This will be the new normal for the near future.


Upcoming Birthdays

Darek Davis - Sept 13th

Noah Earhart - Sept 14th

Teddy Caulton - Sept 30th


Meet the Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer - Teddy Caulton

Chief Technology Officer - Darek Davis

Chief Financial Officer - Trey Varinsky

Chief Operations Officer - Ben Skapura

VP of Marketing and Recruitment - Hoa Doan, Landon Woodard

VP of Communications and Culture - Laura De Oliviera

VP of Professional Development - Manny Adams

Interested in working with MBC or wanting to learn more about our services? Email with any questions!

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