New Semester, New MBC!

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

We are very glad to have had yet another fantastic semester of recruiting. We welcome all of our new members and are very eager to see them grow and learn while working with our new clients this semester!


Last Month Recap

The new executive board has settled in for a very exciting semester while planning out many new ideas and changes to better serve our members and clients. Everyone made sure to put on their best business attire for our yearly group photo session… and yes, we always look this good!


Member Highlights

This past weekend, Austin Walter participated in Chicago Innovation Weekend with 16 other students to improve and implement several programs operated by Uncharted Learning. Austin was able to conduct qualitative research by interacting with 30 different high schools and discovered valuable consumer insights that were used to develop his team’s findings and deliverables. All of Austin’s work was done without going to Chicago himself:

It was very rewarding to see that the work I did on campus was helpful for teammates working in a different state. Furthermore, it was a fantastic experience that gave me a taste of “remote consulting.


Capgemini Invent Case Competition

This past week, MUBC was fortunate enough to sponsor Capgemini Invent’s Case Competition Event right here at Miami University. Teams took part in a consulting skills workshop and then competed against one another to provide a solution to the company. This event gave students some hands-on experience in consulting that closely represents how Capgemini approach their own consulting projects. Not only did they get to learn consulting skills Capgemini Invent, our teams also got to network with some amazing individuals from Capgemini!


Upcoming Dates and Events

March 23 - 29th - Spring Break!

March 30th - Data Analytics Guest Speaker (more details to come)


Upcoming Birthdays

March 4th - Emmanuel Adams

March 28th - Ryan Burghart


Meet the Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer - Teddy Caulton

Chief Technology Officer - Darek Davis

Chief Financial Officer - Trey Varinsky

Chief Operations Officer - Ryan Burghart

VP of Marketing and Recruitment - Hoa Doan, Landon Woodard

VP of Communications and Culture - Laura De Oliviera

VP of Professional Development - Manny Adams

Interested in working with MBC or want to learn more about our services? Email with any questions!

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