Making it May

Last Month Recap

Everyone is now powering through the end of the semester. It was a rocky one, but regardless, we all made the best out of the worse situation. With finalizing the end of the school year, as well as our final presentations to our clients, we can’t wait to showcase our work and finish the semester strong!


Member Highlights

Our member Angel Schlotterback recently won the Chick-fil-A Leadership scholarship! Chick-fil-A REMARKable Future Scholarship is an annual scholarship program that the company helps their employees pay for college. Each student can win up to 4 years of scholarships. Angel has been working at Chick-fil-A for almost 3 years and it really shows how her hard work with them has paid off.

Congrats Angel!

Miami represent!


Upcoming Birthdays

May 10th - Landon Woodard


Meet the Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer - Teddy Caulton

Chief Technology Officer - Darek Davis

Chief Financial Officer - Trey Varinsky

Chief Operations Officer - Ryan Burghart

VP of Marketing and Recruitment - Hoa Doan, Landon Woodard

VP of Communications and Culture - Laura De Oliviera

VP of Professional Development - Manny Adams

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