J-Term January

Updated: Jan 19, 2020


It's J-Term January! While most of our members have headed home for the break, some members are back in Oxford and about to start classes! These students will be taking advantage of four-week sprint classes, earning full credit for the class.

Spring semester classes will begin on January 27. Our members are excited to get back to school and back to projects!


Last Month's Recap

Our members gave their final presentations to their clients, congratulations to everyone on successful semesters! We finished up our fall semester finals and enjoyed our holiday break.

We have a new executive board! Check the bottom of this newsletter - our new board is listed!


Member Showcase

No member showcase this month.


Upcoming Birthdays

January 14 - Ian Langevin


Member Highlights

No member highlights this month.


Upcoming Events

January 1 - First Day of J-Term Classes

January 27 - First Day of Spring Semester Classes


Meet the Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer - Teddy Caulton

Chief Technology Officer - Darek Davis

Chief Financial Officer - Trey Varinsky

Chief Operations Officer - Ryan Burghart

VP of Marketing and Recruitment - Hoa Doan, Landon Woodard

VP of Communications and Culture - Laura De Oliviera

VP of Professional Development - Manny Adams

Interested in working with MBC or want to learn more about our services? Email with any questions!

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