Ending the semester with new changes

Despite challenging time, another semester comes to an end. It's amazing to see the effort and the strength everyone was able to pull through during the pandemic, especially with our member showcase of the month Ben Skapura.

Ben has been an amazing team player with MBC and in this recent semester, he took his role in becoming a team lead for Fortuity. “The entire transition off-campus ended up being very hectic for everyone”, Ben said, and there were a lot of uncertainty from both his team and their client. Communication became their biggest challenge as they didn’t have the same amount of opportunity to communicate with each other anymore.

To ensure his project could stay on track and that everyone was staying productive, Ben added more structure into his meetings with his team. They increased the frequency of the meetings and laid out assignments out more clearly for each consultant. This really took the team off. Ben also took the time out to check in with his team as much as possible, and this surely helped bring down some formality, creating a safe and comfortable environment for each consultant. This extra step really paid off:

Making this effort to reach out to each consultant and figure out how they personally felt about the case was crucial. This gave me a better perspective to adjust timeline and balance workloads, giving me a feel for the overall sentiment of the team.

Ben made sure to be transparent with his team, as well as with his client. Despite the challenges, his team remained flexible with his client’s schedule, ensuring the flow of ideas and feedback from both sides. In the end, Ben and his team were able to incorporate organizational skills and creativity to deliver an amazing outcome to our client.

One of the best tips I could give for coping with quarantine is creating a schedule/to-do list for yourself. This really helps give you the structure that you normally would've had back at college and creates a bigger sense of purpose (checking boxes). Along with this, in the theme of emulating that "college structure", I'd really recommend making time to Zoom or FaceTime with friends as it really helps with returning a little bit of the social element of college.

Over time, Ben has shown to be an excellent team player, as well as a great team leader. For these reasons, we are more than thrilled to welcome him as the new COO of MBC!

As soon as I got into the MBC, I wanted to get more involved and was really interested in the COO position because it most directly deals with consulting activities among any on Exec position. MBC was attractive to me because it provides exposure to diverse industries and problems. There's no shortage of that in the COO role as you're in charge of both finding clients and overseeing all the project teams. Going forward, I'm really excited to have the opportunity to work with Exec on developing strategies that will help provide the most value to both our consultants and our clients.

For the past few semesters, Ryan Burghart has fulfilled the COO position by constantly providing the organization with new opportunities and helping us stay on track with our work. Now that he is stepping down the position to pursue higher education, we here at MBC wish him the best and we have great faith in his future intentions. Here is Ryan’s last note:

While settling into new changes, the grind doesn't stop. This summer, we're kicking off a new project with a new client. We can't wait to see what the future awaits!


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