December is calling!


Happy December! As classes wrap up, MBC students are studying for finals and packing up for J-Term! Our members gave their final presentations this past Monday (December 2). The executive board is proud of all deliverables and we would like to thank those who came to watch our final presentations!


Member Showcase

No member showcase this month.


Upcoming Birthdays

December 9 - Jordyn Zahoransky

December 11 - Hoa Doan

December 21 - Turner Morris

December 29 - Bennett Hacala


Upcoming Events

December 2 - Final Presentations

December 9-13 - Finals Week


Meet the Executive Board

Chief Executive Officer - Ian Langevin

Chief Technology Officer - Jordyn Zahoransky

Chief Financial Officer - Turner Morris

Chief Operations Officer - Ryan Burghart

VP of Marketing and Recruitment - Macey Neubauer

VP of Communications and Culture - Noah Biegger

VP of Social Initiatives and Event Planning - Carl Resnick

VP of Professional Development - Garrett Askew

Interested in working with MBC or want to learn more about our services? Email with any questions!

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